Midlothian Green Party is part of the Scottish Green Party.

Our aim is to promote the Scottish Green Party within the Midlothian area. We do this by offering sustainable policies relevant to Midlothian and by fielding candidates in local and national elections.

Greens believe in creating a sustainable society based on renewable resources. ‘Think global, act local’ is central to how we operate. We want a Midlothian where quality of life is considered more important than standard of living; where development is appropriate and does not destroy our local heritage. We question the mantra of development at all costs, generally accepted by all other political parties, and prefer to nurture a local varied economy which will not crumble when the multinational companies decide to move on to where the inward investment grants are more favourable.

Midlothian offers a beautiful environment in which to live and work, rich in heritage and with a variety of wildlife and scenery to rival some of the best in Scotland. Let’s not throw it away. Where there is a need to develop, we should first ask what it takes away as much as what it will provide. Our environment no longer offers an unlimited resource and we need to be aware of what we are handing on to future generations.