Helen Armstrong (Midlothian East) Statement

Helen Armstrong

Green Party candidate for Midlothian East in May 2017 Midlothian Council elections.

Candidate statement

I moved to Midlothian (Penicuik), with my husband and son, eleven years ago. In 2008 I ran a campaign to persuade Midlothian Council not to build houses on the playing field of my son’s primary school. Although we ultimately failed in our aim, I learnt a lot about the workings of Midlothian Council.  I have also been actively involved with a primary school parent council (which I chaired for 3 years) and the Penicuik High School parents’ association, as well as being a member of the Penicuik Community Development Trust.  My interests include hill walking, cycling and gardening as well as approaches to improving both physical and mental health.

I am an ecologist by training and, after many years working for various public bodies carrying out research, and providing advice, on land management, I am now a part-time consultant, advising on the management of woodland and upland habitats. In my spare time I campaign for better land management of the Scottish uplands. I have had a lifelong interest in Green politics, finally joining the Scottish Green Party in 2014 when my son was finishing primary school and I had a little more spare time.

I think the Green party is the only party that understands the connections between economic, environmental, social and personal health and wellbeing. Although it is important to have a thriving economy, it is equally important that living and working conditions foster healthy communities and healthy people.  Only the Green party has policies that can deliver all of these.