Jill Simon (Dalkeith)

Jill Simon

Green Party candidate for Dalkeith in May 2017 Midlothian Council elections.

Candidate statement


I was born and raised in Midlothian.  I’ve lived in Danderhall, Loanhead, Bilston, Auchendinny and Penicuik and many of my family live in Dalkeith.

I am standing as a Green Party candidate because I think only the Greens have enough commitment to tackling environmental issues and to a fairer, more equal society.

I have run my own business since 2008 and I’m passionate about making businesses sustainable. I have a wide understanding of the challenges faced and the benefits to gain when choosing to go green and how simple changes to policies could enable other businesses and communities to do the same.  I will work hard to ensure more independent local businesses thrive in our town centres, creating more local jobs and self employment, keeping the wealth within our community.

I also think we need to do much more to ensure that children have equal access to education.  From my own family experience, it’s clear that kids with additional or special educational needs are not getting the support that they need and deserve.  I’ll campaign strongly for extra provision in those areas.

As a child I witnessed my community’s heart wrenching end to its industrial past and now we see its replacement with swaths of commuter houses.  I remember the A720 opening and how it was deemed a successful solution to traffic congestion.  Look at how short lived that “solution” was.

Now we are faced with more commuter towns being built with so-called “affordable homes” on our green spaces and more roads planned for short term congestion relief.  It’s time for action.  It’s time for local communities to have their say. The Green Party will ensure that local people have a proper say in decisions on developments proposed in their community.

That’s why I’m standing as Green Party candidate for Dalkeith.


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