James Garry (Penicuik)

James Garry

Green Party candidate for Penicuik in May 2017 Midlothian Council elections.

Candidate statement

I have lived in Midlothian for almost thirty years having moved here to work on children’s farm education projects around the Bush estate.

I am committed to the belief that local decisions should be made by local people. Residents must have a real say over local developments and we need more transparency from all councillors so they can be held accountable for the decisions they make.

Our more vulnerable community members have right to enjoy some dignity and the council must protect essential care services, community facilities and leisure and green spaces.

I passionately believe in safer streets and will fight for 20mph in all Midlothian’s urban and rural residential areas, longer time for people with disabilities to cross the road, improved and better integrated bus services, proper space for cyclists on roads and well maintained pavements for pedestrians.

I would push for all new public and private housing to be energy efficient and for retro-fitting of insulation to existing housing stock reducing carbon emissions, lowering household bills and reducing fuel poverty.

I am an environmental professional by training and have worked for most of my life with public bodies and councils in and around the Central Belt. I now work as an Assistant Director for Scotland’s oldest heritage charity.

With election policies and promises being rapidly discarded by the ‘mainstream’ Scottish parties in a self-interested grab for power, I believe, more than ever, that local politics should be about local issues and the interests of local people. It should not be about big party political issues.  That is why I am a Scottish Green and that is how the Scottish Greens will represent Midlothian residents in May 2017.

The Scottish Green Party is the real alternative. VOTE FOR THE SCOTTISH GREEN PARTY and for a better, brighter future for Midlothian!