Penicuik by-election

Midlothian Greens select parent campaigner for Penicuik by-election

Helen Armstrong is selected by Midlothian Green Party members to contest the Penicuik by-election for the Scottish Green Party on the 22nd March.

Helen has lived in Penicuik with her family for more than eleven years, and currently chairs the Penicuik High School Parents’ Association. She is a consultant ecologist who has campaigned to protect primary school playing fields; who is passionate about protecting Midlothian’s green spaces, and who wants to see strong communities being built, not just mass housing.

Helen said:

“I love Penicuik’s strong sense of community, the friendliness of the people and the huge range of activities that take place, largely run by committed volunteers. The voluntary groups and Council-run facilities which make Penicuik a special place to live need strong support from Midlothian Council and if elected I will fight hard to protect them.


“I joined the Green Party because I believe we are the only party that understands the connections between economic, environmental, community and personal health and wellbeing. Our vision for Penicuik is one where local businesses thrive and provide fulfilling jobs in a clean, green environment and where schools, healthcare and housing really meet the needs of local people.

“The voting system for Council elections means that there is no such thing as a wasted vote and I urge Penicuik voters to give their number 1 vote to Midlothian Greens to call for a different, and a better, way forward for Midlothian.”



2 thoughts on “Penicuik by-election

  1. gordon ker

    If you believe in the local community, why no local meeting to discuss pressing issues? We can’t even arrange hustings for our upcoming local election. This is not democracy when placemen are appointed to the local council without scrutiny or genuine support. If you believe in your party and home town the Greens especially would benefit from regular public forums.
    Regards Gordon Ker

    1. Helen Armstrong

      Very good point Gordon. It would have been great to have had a hustings before this by-election but an independent body has to organise that and it hasn’t happened. A ‘question time’ on local radio would also have been good and is something that you could, perhaps, ask the local radio stations for next time. I agree that it would have been great to organize a Green Party pubic meeting to discuss local issues and our only excuse for not doing that is that we are a small party with only 19 members in Penicuik, with limited funds and there was a very short lead-in time to the by-election. It took all our time and resources to produce, print and distribute the election leaflet that went to all Penicuik households as well as to most of those in the outlying areas. We are also aiming to run a stall in the princint later today. I don’t know if you are a Green party member (you are not on my list of Penicuik members) but, if you are not, please consider joining us and helping with out next campaign.


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