Council decision ignores the needs of a growing community

Midlothian Council’s decision not to accept the Bonnyrigg Centre Trust’s bid for the former Leisure Centre has been described as ignoring the needs of the local community by Green councillor Ian Baxter.

At a full meeting of Midlothian Council on 24th June, the council has agreed instead to look into the feasibility of letting some or all of the building to Bright Sparks, a local charity for children with disabilities.

Councillor Baxter said, “Whilst I am delighted that Bright Sparks has the prospect of moving to bigger and better premises, I am disappointed that the very many local organisations who worked together as part of the Bonnyrigg Centre Trust’s bid have been ignored by the council. The building is very big and could accommodate everyone. My proposal was for the Bonnyrigg Centre Trust to work with Midlothian Council to ensure that Bright Sparks and the Bonnyrigg and Sherwood Development Trust could also share the building as that seemed to me to be the best solution for everybody”.

He added, “I fear that there is now a real prospect that most of the building will be demolished”.

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