Mixed use developments

  • housing, workplaces, shops, leisure and community facilities, schools and health centres are located within easy reach by walking or cycling
  • new developments make maximum use of brownfield sites and derelict or empty buildings
  • there is compulsory sale of undeveloped land

High quality, energy efficient homes

  • houses have high levels of insulation and air-tightness, reducing energy consumption
  • houses are built from natural, non-toxic materials, giving a healthy indoor environment
  • housing uses ecological design techniques such as passive heating and cooling
  • houses are built from low-energy materials
  • power and heating will come from renewable energy sources such as solar and geothermal, using district heating systems

Homes for all

  • housing is built and run by community organisations, co-operatives and the council, not by waiting for volume private house builders to allocate a small proportion of their land to “affordable” houses
  • housing is a mix of different types to enhance social inclusion and to ensure that homes are suited to the needs of the elderly, children and families, and those with different health needs
  • tenants/owners have more control over the design and quality of new houses
  • self-managed and self-build housing schemes, run by groups of residents, are the norm