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People ask us why we don’t stand candidates in all wards in Midlothian. It’s because it involves a lot of work. Leafletting, canvassing and even being a candidate demand a lot of effort and money. We also need people with specific skills. And it’s not just about knocking on doors or delivering newsletters; many people who agree with what we stand for have knowledge which can help us – e.g. planning, local green initiatives or awareness about cycling issues.

If you think like us, if you want to see more Greens making decisions which affect you, why not join us? A single Green councillor in Midlothian has made a difference. Imagine what we could do if we had more!

If you would like to join our party or make a donation to the work we are doing, you can do so on our main party website –

1 thought on “Join Us

  1. Joe Griffin

    I was considering joining the Green Party after many years supporting the Labour party. However I have reconsidered the position due to the fact that the Green party appear to be doing nothing about the various housing developments in my village, Roslin. Cala homes have built on a green field site and other green field sites will also be built on by other developers, I have no objection to brown field sites being used, one of which is where the Roslin Institute was previously located. The historic village is being spoilt and I cannot see how the amenities can cope, What a waste of the countryside where wild life currently roam.
    Why are the Green Party supporting the SNP who are ignoring the views of local people and destroying the environment ?


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